Whether you have a traditional phone system or a more modern VOIP system, you may be paying too much for your business phone service. Just like with so many other services you need as a business, you have options for phone service. You don’t have to use your internet provider or a big name you’ve always used.

Big Companies = Big Overhead

When you choose one of the national companies for your phone service, your paying not only for the service itself but all the C-level employees’ wages, offices and sometimes even sports stadium naming rights. The big companies trade on their name as the reliable choice. However, when you have an issue, you don’t get the customer service you expect or want.

Itemized Services

As technology changed phone companies started creating standard offerings and optional services. Those optional services are additional fees on top of your bill every month. Many features, such as remote call forwarding and multi-ring are not included in older phone systems as standard options. By upgrading to a new VOIP phone system, you get all the features for one fee.

Confusing Fees

Depending on the business phone service provider, you may see a flat fee you pay each month on your bill or your monthly fee plus taxes, surcharges, and other things. Although there are some fees that most providers separate out (like the E911 fee), other fees are completely made up. If you have the ability to compare a bill from two or three years ago to today’s bill, you may notice that your monthly fee is the same but you’re now paying more for things like universal service fee, business license fee, regulatory fee – all of which are things created by the business phone service provider to make more money. And if you’re still paying for minutes and overage, it’s time to find a new phone system and provider.

What Can You Do to Reduce Your Business Phone Service Expenses?

If you’re locked into a service contract, ask question. Find out when your term ends. Compare the lease or contract you signed with your actual bill. Even if you are not at the end of your contract, you may find that breaking it and choosing a VOIP phone system will save you money. If you are at the end of your term, consider a new provider.

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