If your business is moving, now is the perfect time to make some technology changes with the help of a managed services company. It doesn’t matter if your business is growing and you’re moving to a larger office space or your team is now working remote most of the time so your space is smaller, you still need proper infrastructure and updated technology.

1.      Plan Ahead

You may think your new space has everything you need relating to technology, but chances are good that it doesn’t. You may need new or additional wiring and all the equipment that goes along with it. Because of supply chain issues, the wait time can be weeks. As soon as you know you’re moving, talk to a technology solutions company about what they recommend, the timetable and how long they’ll need to install the wiring and equipment.

2.      Invest in New Equipment & Technology

Yes, lead times are sometimes long, but now is the best time to upgrade technology. If you move what you have, you’ll experience longer down time and much of what you have is likely older, slower and possibly without many features that could benefit your business. One of the best things to upgrade is your phone system. Today’s VOIP phones provide exceptional flexibility in that they can ring at a desk, on a computer and be forwarded to a cell phone – or even all three at once. Don’t risk missing your next big deal because of an antiquated phone system.

3.      Consider Cloud-Based Services

With so much talk of cybercrime, you may initially think that cloud-based services are less safe than applications on the desktop. Because these service companies take steps to protect your data (and their reputation) and generally back them up, your data may actually be safer in an online product than on a computer or server in your office where fire, water and theft are a concern. Of course, you’ll want to work with your IT department or managed services company about what could work for you and if any applications require additional backup.

4.      Implement New Policies & Procedures

If you’ve never had a guest network, before you move into a new facility is the perfect time to install one. Then implement new policies regarding network and email safety. This will help protect your data from cybercrime, viruses and keep everything that’s connected to your business’s network safer. Now is also the time to talk with your managed services company about password rules and other tools that can help boost data security.

5.      Plan Time to Train Your Staff

New equipment and technology have a learning curve. Make sure that you’ve built time into the move to familiarize your team with not only the new space, but the new tools they’ll be using. Have each team member bring their laptop to the new office before moving day and connect to the network. This will help everyone be more productive on the first day in the new space. If the new software you’re using has tutorials, give your staff time to view them.

Toucan Technology Group Can Help You with Your Move

If this is the year your business is moving, contact Toucan Technology Group. We offer many services to facilitate your move and many products that can make your team more productive in the new space. Of course, we also offer complete managed services once you are in your new space and can  act as your IT team. Call us today at (317) 376-4874 or fill out our contact form.

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