No matter what your business does, you use computers. If you’re a small business without an IT team member on staff, that means you have technology issues you have to deal with. However, with the help of a managed services provider(MSP), you no longer have to spend your time doing something you’re not entirely comfortable doing. Instead, you just contact your managed services provider for assistance.

Hassel Free Support

Have you ever called a software vendor’s help line with an issue only to have them point fingers at someone else as the cause of the problem or route you to endless people who you don’t truly understand? When you have a managed services provider on retainer, you simply call them. They deal with the issue, often much faster than you could have. You can do what you need to do for your business rather than playing trouble shooter.

Increased Business Security

Although many MSPs offer services both a la carte and as packages, no matter what services you select, you’ll have more business security. Some of the ways your MSP will increase your business security include:

  • Installation of a guest network
  • Better network security
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Secure system and data backups
  • Malware and ransomware protection

Your MSP will be there ready to help should an issue come up like a damaged computer or if a virus hits your network.

Cost Savings

When you have a managed services provider on retainer, you have IT support on call. They are there to help you with many aspects of your IT needs from providing new equipment to helping you evaluate software and hardware you’re currently using. And, because they often have contacts with suppliers, they can often get you the right new hardware cheaper than you can.

You Can Focus on What You Enjoy Doing

Let’s face it, technology isn’t many people’s favorite thing. Especially when things go wrong. That’s why hiring a managed services provider is a smart choice. If you’re tired of spending time trying to troubleshoot technology issues, call Toucan Technology Group. We are a leading and local MSP in Indianapolis ready to help you get back to doing what you enjoy about your business. Call (317) 376-4874 to schedule your free initial consultation today.

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